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Kozak System

Kozak System consists of musicians of well-known band Haydamaky that is a symbol of Ukraine in Europe, but with a new singer and new songs. They mix ska, reggae and punk in their music and the „kozak nature” of the band is represented by massive lyrics and a huge energy.

Haydamaky toured in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Italy, USA and Poland. They performed at the biggest festivals like: Lowlands, Mundial, Przystanek Woodstock, Sziget, Toronto Bloor, Amsterdam Roots Fest, Hutenpop, Calgary Music Festival, Creation of Peace, where they shared stages with such bands like: The Prodigy, Bloc Party, Faith No More, Placebo, The Offspring, Fatboy Slim, PIL and Sex Pistols.

The album „Voo Voo i Haydamaky”, released in Poland with polish legendary group Voo Voo has been awarded gold in two weeks only. The bands played together at polish-ukrainian festival „Noc Kultury 2012” („The Night Of Culture 2012”) in Lublin.

In Spring 2012 the band decided to split their ways with the previous singer and continue as „Kozak System”. As the new band they played more than 40 shows in Ukraine and abroad. At the end of 2012 they released an album called „Shablia”, with the polish premiere on 28th of February. The polish publisher is Lou & Rocked Boys. The live premiere took place on 23rd of March in Krakow at Teatr Łaźnia Nowa at the Lou Rocked Fest and the next day in Warsaw (Proxima Club), where they shared the stage with the band Enej.

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