O.S.T.R. Biography


O.S.T.R. – musician, rapper, producer. His career began when he was 12, with the help from his tape recorder „kasprzak”. He put his first serious music steps with music groups BDC, LWC and Obóz in Łódź. In February 2001 he signed his first record deal with Asfalt Records and recorded a debut album „Masz to jak w banku”. In April 2002 Asfalt Records released home recorded freestyle album „30 minut z życia”. So far has he recorded: „Tabasko” (2002), double album „Jazz w wolnych chwilach” (2003), „Jazzurekcja” (2004), POE „Szum rodzi hałas” (together with a producer Emade, 2005), „7” (2006), Hollyłódź (2007) certified gold in April and „Haos” (with Hades, 2013).

O.S.T.R. collaborates with foreign artists too. He produced an album by a british band Skill Mega, released in 2007 by Asfalt Records. His albums „7” and „Hollyłódź” featured veterans of american hip-hop Tame One (ex The Artifacts) and Craig G.

„Haos” is the common album of O.S.T.R. and Hades. They met in the studio by the new single of POE. Emade sent the same bit to O.S.T.R. and Hades and they, instead of arguing who was the first one to record, recorded the song together. This is how it started...

This album is the first duo in the comprehensive discography of the artist. The interesting fact is that his collaborator is not his close friend but the artist who he never worked with. Hades has a record deal with Prosto company and has not been very famous yet. but is a rapper who is said to be the new hope of polish rap.

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