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A legend of Polish rock music, established in 1977. In the early 80’s they became one of the most popular rock bands in Poland and their popularity has survived through generations. "Nie płacz Ewka", „Chcemy być sobą”, „Ale wkoło jest wesoło” and „Autobiografia“, are one of the biggest hits in Polish music history. The last one became an informal Anthem of Polish Rock Music. The band released over a dozen studio and live albums including many Gold ones.

In 1981 Perfect recorded their first album called "Perfect". The album sold more than million copies! A year later the band released its first live album - recorded at two concerts in Stodoła in Warsaw.

In March 1983, after a great concert in Stodoła, during press conference discouraged Zbigniew Hołdys announced his decision to break up the group. Perfect were playing concerts until the last one during Festival in Opole in June. During the next four years members of the group were trying to perform individually, but none of them was really successful.

In 1989 Hołdys reactivated Perfect, but without vocalist Grzegorz Markowski. They went to USA and played concerts in clubs in New York, Los Angeles (Whiskey Go Go) and San Francisco.

Members of the group were receiving many concerts proposals and in 1993 they again decided to reactivate. This time however their leader Zbigniew Hołdys refused to join the group, so new Perfect consisted of: Grzegorz Markowski (vocal), Piotr Szkudelski (drums), Andrzej Nowicki (bass guitar), Ryszard Sygitowicz (guitar) and Andrzej Urny (guitar). At the beginning they were only reactivated to play some concerts for Polonia in Canada as Perfect Band.

In October 1996 Perfect finished recording their next album called "Geny" (it was released in October 1997). Album was certified a Gold Record, and Perfect proved for the second time that they can cope without their former leader Zbigniew Hołdys.

In January 2001 Perfect released new live album called “Live 2001” – it was the summary of the 20 years, when the group gave many fantastic concerts.

Next year group released album “Perfect Symfonicznie”, where their music was pairing with symphony orchestra. Album, recorded with The Polish Radio Orchestra, contains of 15 songs (almost all of them were new version of their old songs), which were arranged by outstanding Polish musicians: Wojciech Karolak, Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, Paweł Betley, Grzegorz Piotrowski, Wojciech Zieliński, Adam Sztaba i Wiesław Pieregorólka. “Perfect Symfonicznie” was nominated for Fryderyk (Polish music award), and was certified a Platinum Record after just two weeks (it was then a record in Poland). It was the first studio album in Poland, where rock music was paired with symphony orchestra. The album was recorded in legendary S4 studio in Polish Radio. The Polish Radio Orchestra was conducted by Wiesław Pieregorólka.

On 1st April 2004 Perfect released new studio album called “Schody”. It is worth to mention that this was the first album of Polish artist released only on the Internet.

At the end of October 2007, they released special edition of their album with symphony orchestra called “Perfect Symfonicznie – Platinum” and after that, DVD album called “Perfect Symfonicznie” was released. It contains Perfect’s concert with Symphony Orchestra of W. Lutosławski Philharmonic, which took place on 26 April 2009 in Hala Stulecia in Wrocław. The album was certified a Gold Record at the day of its release.

In 2010 Perfect celebrated its 30th birthday. The main birthday concert named “Odlotowy koncert” took place at Spodek in Katowice on 13 March 2010.

On 20 October 2010 new book about the history of Perfect group was released. It is titled “Perfect Wszystkie Pilne Sprawy” and is written by Konrad Wojciechowski. In November 2010 Perfect released their new studio album called “XXX”. It contains 11 new songs, and its first single is “Raz po raz (straszą nas)”.

Photo: Szymon Kobusiński, Michał Kazimierczak


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