LFO fights for human rights!

Wednesday, 05 june 2013 (13:59)

LFO fights for human rights!

Live Festival Oświęcim is not only the music, but an important peaceful message as well. Every year there are series of educational events.

This year two Amnesty International campaigns will take place. Amnesty International cooperates with the festival from the very beginning.

„CIA secret prisons in Poland – release the truth.” - This capaign focuses on the existence of CIA secret centres in Poland in 2002/2003, where persons accused of membership to terrorist organisations were illegally imprisoned and tortured. There will be signatures collected under the petition to reveal the truth and reckon the case.

„Human rights NOW, Rom rights HERE” - the volunteers will collect signatures under the petition in case of displacement of roma community from the city Kluz-Napoka in Romania. Violation of Rom rights in Europe is still an important problem. Mandatory displacements, segregation of children at schools, racist attacks – it happens in the European Union, that is proud to respect for freedom and diversity.

In the LFO programme there will be as well:

„I'm from here – Poland of many nations” - this exhibition is dedicated to the history, culture and every day of national and ethnics minorities who live in Poland. Its creators are: Polish – German Association Center and Anna Frank House in Amsterdam.

„Human Rights in a poster art” - workshop organised by the International House of Youth Meetings. Classes composed of a lecture and workshop parts, base on work with a contemporary social-political poster made by a poster artists from different parts of the world.

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